While one-to-one instruction is not new, this methodology has become more popular among learners over the past year. For one, since students are currently still attending classes remotely/online given the surrounding circumstances of COVID-19, many learners, especially those who miss the rigour of face-to-face instruction, choose to enrol in one-to-one classes to reinforce learning. Another reason is the fact that many one-to-one courses have become available online, and are thus accessible to more students, providing them with more options and classes.

If you are considering enrolling in one-to-one classes, regardless of the subject matter or discipline, here below is a brief discussion on the one-to-one methodology, which will help you decide if this is something that would work for you. 

What is one-to-one instruction?

One-to-one instruction is a learning methodology where the student learns from interacting with a teacher individually, with instruction tailored to the learner’s own strengths, skills, pace, and learning needs. It is a kind of instruction where the attention of the teacher is not divided among many students in the class; the teacher’s focus is the student alone, and vice versa.

What are the benefits of one-to-one instruction?

The student’s strengths and weaknesses are addressed more closely and consistently. 

Unlike in a group-facilitated course where the teacher has to keep track of many students at a time, in a one-to-one course, the teacher focuses on only one student and one student alone. The teacher is able to carefully observe the strengths and weaknesses of the student, keep track of his or her progress, and adjust instruction as they go.

The lessons are easily tailored to meet the needs of the student.

In relation to the first point, teachers in one-to-one classes are able to personalise instruction in order to adjust to the development of the student. For instance, if there is a certain skill set that the student needs more time in, the course and schedule can easily be adjusted because no one else will be affected or prejudiced. The same is true when the student, on the other hand, learns quickly and easily—lessons can be adjusted to build on these strong points.

It offers a low-stress and distraction-free environment.

Learning with peers has its own benefits, but it is acknowledged that there are also disadvantages in a group-facilitated course. One common disadvantage is the distractions from co-learners. Another disadvantage is the stress, particularly with the competition and comparison that naturally come in group learning. All of these are eliminated in one-to-one instruction.

It encourages independence.

In a one-to-one set-up, the student has no one to rely on but himself or herself in accomplishing a task. While it is true that there is learning in working within a group, independent learning definitely has a lot of clear advantages, too, and this is easily one of the most obvious outcomes in one-to-one instruction.

It is an ideal set-up for language learning.

Particularly for mastering a language, one-to-one set-up is a very effective learning approach. As affirmed in related studies, learners acquire language skills best with the modified input of the teacher. In other words, when the teacher adapts his or her language to the level of the student and does consistent conversations with the learner, language proficiency is achieved more effectively. Naturally, this is more achievable in one-to-one classes than in groups.

Why should I enrol in one-to-one lessons?

Given the discussion above, it is clear that in one-to-one instruction, the course is designed with the learner in mind. Especially in language learning, one-to-one instruction is an effective approach for mastery in the English language. This is especially beneficial for shy learners, too, who feel like they are not as confident as they would be when they are attending classes with others.

Fortunately, Your Language School now offers one-to-one classes to interested learners!

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