One of the criteria that employers, organisations, businesses, and educational institutions look for in a candidate is his or her ability to use and communicate in the English language. Surely, being able to communicate effectively in the English language allows the potential employee or enrollee to be able to connect with colleagues (and clients or customers, in case of employment), understand instructions, and, correspondingly, make himself or herself understood, particularly in an English-speaking environment.

For educational institutions in particular, testing one’s English language competence is vital, not only for admission purposes, but as well as course placement, progress measurement, and graduation.

There are different ways institutions measure their applicants’ English proficiency. Some develop their own assessment, while some require candidates to take a standardised test and get a specific score to qualify.

One of these tests is Linguaskill by Cambridge. Read more to find out about this English test!

What is Linguaskill by Cambridge?

Developed by Cambridge Assessment, Linguaskill is a quick online test that checks the English level of individuals and groups of candidates within a specific institution or organisation. It tests all four major language skills, speaking, writing, reading, and listening, in modules.

Powered by a patented Artificial Intelligence, Linguaskill by Cambridge is a reliable and accurate English proficiency test that yields results in 48 hours or even faster.

What are the different Linguaskill test types?

Linguaskill by Cambridge is available in two types: Linguaskill General English and Linguaskill Business

Institutions that require communication in everyday English may opt to require Linguaskill General English as part of their recruitment and admission process. On the other hand, if the requirement is the usage of English in a business or corporate setting, Linguaskill Business is the perfect option.

What are the advantages of using Linguaskill by Cambridge?

  • Ease of administration: As mentioned above, Linguaskill is an online test and is thus very easy to administer. Institutions and organisations may administer the test at any time or place; they may even allow candidates to take the assessment at home.
  • Comprehensiveness: Linguaskill by Cambridge targets all four major language skills, speaking, writing, reading, and listening, in modules. As such, it is a comprehensive assessment that effectively measures the test-taker’s communication skills and, accordingly, his or her fitness for the spot being applied for.
  • Accuracy: Linguaskill is powered by a patented Artificial Intelligence, which has been carefully developed and adopted to test the candidate’s knowledge and usage of the English language. Apart from this, the results are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the international standard for describing one’s language ability.

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