The UK consistently ranks high in global surveys in terms of quality of education, and this is precisely why students from different parts of the world look to go to this part of the world to pursue further studies and obtain a degree from a prestigious university in the UK. Not only do UK universities offer an extensive choice of courses to students, but these institutions also put forward well-taught classes based on a research-proven curriculum to facilitate optimal instruction among learners. To add to these, of course, are the UK’s safe and conducive living and learning environments, culturally rich background, and the work opportunities that come with a UK education.

What We Offer

In direct partnership with international examination and accreditation boards and renowned universities across the United Kingdom, Private English Class, Ltd., together with Your Language School, is a reputable institution that seeks to guide learners across the world, from the preliminary consultation to eventual UK university application, with its top-notch services, support, and expert-facilitated courses. With our help, you are steps closer to your dream of getting into an esteemed UK university and opening your doors to countless opportunities. In particular, we offer the following services:

Preliminary Consultation

We at Private English Class and Your Language School ensure that you are properly guided as you evaluate your options and plan out your UK schooling. Among other things, we will give recommendations in finding the right school because while the United Kingdom prides itself in first-rate quality education across the board, there are factors to consider, such as your desired course, your competencies, your budget, and your overall preference and priorities.  Our consultation services are available via email or over the phone, and all aspiring applicants will be attended to by our expert consultants as immediately as possible.

Visa Application Support

Among the many important documents that you will need to prepare as you embark on your UK education journey is your visa application. While international students are expected to collate and draft all the required documents themselves, our function is to review and verify all of such documents, secure their completion, and improve the structure and content of compositions for submission. Visa application can get a little too tedious, especially for international students aiming to enrol in an honoured UK institution, but our consultants at Private English Class and Your Language School are here precisely to expedite and make the process easier for all aspirants.

University Recruitment Assistance

As earlier mentioned, there are a number of considerations when it comes to choosing which universities to send an application to, and these considerations, needless to say, vary per student. Our University Recruitment Assistance services assure each applicant that his or her coveted field or course, inherent and acquired competencies, and overall preference and financial plan, are well taken into consideration as we help think out your UK schooling.  Another advantage of availing our services is that we are in direct partnership with a number of renowned universities across the UK, so you can guarantee that we are particularly adept and knowledgeable in the admission and enrolment processes of these schools. This is not to say, however, that we are limited to these partner universities only. We are here to assist, whichever UK university the applicant ends up choosing.

English Proficiency Courses

Not unexpectedly, proficiency in the English language is a necessary qualification in seeking further studies in the UK. International students who are non-native English speakers are often concerned about this particular requirement, especially since this is assessed through a rigorous exam that is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), as one of the prerequisites in the issuance of a UK student visa. Our English Proficiency Courses address such concerns. Our expert-facilitated classes guarantee readiness and confidence in conquering the IELTS, so that international students easily obtain the target IELTS band score of their desired institutions, or higher, even. Our in-house mentors include IELTS experts, who are not only experts in the English language but also are highly knowledgeable on the different portions and particulars of the IELTS examination.

University Recruitment

Finding the right university based on your chosen field, budget plan, and overall preference is a process, which, admittedly, can get pretty overwhelming. With the United Kingdom’s plenty of course and university offerings, many international students find this exciting, confusing, and challenging all at the same time. Then, when you have finally narrowed down your options to a few top universities, application to these schools, as well as registration, is an entirely different matter. It entails another round of tedious planning and preparation, all to ensure that you get that much coveted UK university slot just in time for registration for the upcoming academic year. Catering most especially to international students, our University Recruitment services see to it that you are properly guided throughout the process of eventual admission to a UK educational institution. As we are in direct partnership with several renowned universities across the UK, like University of Cambridge, De Montfort University, and University of Bedfordshire, just to name a few, you can be sure that we can proficiently and professionally assist you in enrolment to these prestigious schools and other equivalent universities across the country.  Candidates need not worry about not being physically present in the UK just yet for the initial stages of university admissions and recruitment. Precisely, Private English Class and Your Language School are here to be your partner and representative as you begin to pursue further studies in the United Kingdom. We are here to help, facilitate, and smooth the way in your pursuit of first-rate UK education. Getting into an esteemed university in the UK entails a lot of preparation, but international students need not feel intimidated about the whole process. Our team of unfailing consultants and experts is your partner in your pursuit of first-rate UK education. Broaden your horizon with us! Private English Class and Your Language School can be reached by giving us a call or sending us a message on our website.
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