Over the years, more and more people are dedicating time to studying English. To keep up with the changes and progresses that have come about in this globalised time, more non-native speakers are now realising the value of knowing how to use and communicate in the language, without disregard, of course, for their mother tongue. In particular, some of the most important reasons of learning English as a second language are that it:

  • Opens education and career opportunities
  • Widens connections and knowledge of the world
  • Facilitates travel and emigration

This is clear to most of us, but the manner of actually learning English effectively is not so. For instance, many schools in non-English speaking countries have integrated English courses in their academic curricula, mostly supplemented by grammar and reading comprehension textbooks. While, of course, these English classes and textbooks do familiarise the student with the rules of the language, there is some uncertainty as to whether students are actually and truly able to learn English in school, on a level that would allow them to use it effectively and confidently in the outside world.

That said, today, let us share with you the most effective methods of learning English, which have been proven to show positive results among ESL (English as a Second Language) learners. Whether you are already learning English in school or have already graduated and thus need some review, these tried and tested methods will surely make you a successful English language student and speaker in no time!

Classroom Method

Most certainly, it is in the classroom where the learner is able to learn all the rules on English grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, among others. While it is acknowledged that there are a lot of websites and materials available for your personal improvement and consumption, it is in class, facilitated by an English language teacher and expert, where these rules are explained to you correctly and comprehensively.

What makes this method highly effective, apart from the conducive learning environment, opportunities for peer learning, and appropriate learning materials, is the fact that students, when in doubt, are able to direct their questions and concerns to an expert: the English teacher. This person is not only professionally trained, but he or she is highly qualified to address any difficulty a student may have in the learning process.

The classroom method is implemented not only in the traditional school/classroom set-up; it can also be done at home or online. If you are looking for a tried and trusted online English course, check out our available courses here!

Immersion Method

If the classroom method lets you learn English like a scholar, this second method allows you to speak and understand the language like a native speaker.

As can be gleaned from the name, the immersion method immerses you in the language with and through native or well-learned English speakers. Definitely, if you immerse yourself in a setting where people speak English fluently, then you will also be able to pick up the language, learn to naturally converse, and absorb useful information with respect to English usage.

If you join any of our classes, you get to immerse yourself in the language, too! In particular, students enroled in any of our English courses are able to converse with teachers proficient in the language, interact with students from different parts of the world, and use different kinds of audio-visual materials where you can effectively pick up the language.

Again, you may view all our available English courses here!

Balance Method

This last method is essentially a mix of both methods. Because some language learners do not thrive in a purely structured learning environment, or because some still need guided instruction to better learn the language, the balance method is the English-learning method that will perfectly suit their learning style and needs.

For most, it’s a great way to speed up the language learning progress. Imagine learning rules inside the classroom, and then applying them outside, in an authentic, real-world setting!

Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place if you wish to try these effective language learning methods!

Private English Class and Your Language School do not only provide regular classroom courses, but we also ensure that our students are well-immersed in the language and are able to apply what they learn, through our different student-centered activities.

For many years, we have produced students who are now successful language users and confident speakers, all proficient in the English language.
You can be one, too!

Enrol in any of our classes or send us a message to find out more!

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