It is true that remote online learning has its limitations. Add this to the fact that the circumstances today, with the emergence and severity of COVID-19, have forced both teachers and students into it, with many of whom feeling like they are unprepared and inexperienced with this kind of learning set-up. 

Needless to say, e-learning also has its advantages. Below are the top reasons why remote online learning is a favorable instructional approach, too!

  • Flexibility and self-paced learning 

Enrolling in online classes allows students to choose their preferred class schedules, depending on their prior engagements and other responsibilities on the regular. Unlike in traditional face-to-face classes where the schedule and pace are more rigid, an online learning program offers more classes in different days and time slots. These classes are also inclusive of learning modules that students can access at his or her own time and pace.

  • A variety of course options

Whether you are looking to develop your mathematical skills, improve your English, or even get some music or arts lessons, there will surely be class offerings for your preference and needs. This is yet another advantage of the online learning set-up. Since all that the students and teachers need are a stable Internet connection and an Internet-connected device, it is a lot easier to arrange a class and facilitate learning and instruction.

  • Broader range of perspectives

Since remote online learning does not require students and teachers to be physically together for a class, it is likely that participants are from different parts of the world, with diverse cultures and experiences. Learning with classmates with various backgrounds, truly, broadens one’s perspectives and opens the eyes to different cultures, values, and viewpoints.

  • Access to expertise and extensive learning materials

Just like the regular classroom, online classes are managed and facilitated by experts in whatever field the course is under. To complement this expert-facilitated instruction, enrolees are also given exclusive access to learning materials, such as video lectures, audiobooks, and ebooks, which can be accessed by the student for increased learning.

  • Budget-friendly costs

Lastly, these online courses are generally cheaper than traditional face-to-face programs, precisely because classes are held remotely without the need for school facilities, equipment, among others. For a fairly priced registration fee, the student gets quality instruction, useful materials, and helpful assessments, all of which can be enjoyed at his preferred time, and in the comfort of his or her home.

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