2021 was a challenging year for many of us, if not all. While some of you will agree that the past year was relatively better than the preceding one, 2021 nonetheless was still a year of adjustments, uncertainties, and trials for most of us.

This year, we at Your Language School and Private English Class are full of hope and light! As they say, things can only get better, and having this kind of attitude and mindset will surely help us to be able to face the year, notwithstanding the inevitable hurdles and hiccups along the way, stronger, brighter, and wiser.

With that said, Your Language School and Private English Class have a lot of things in store for our dear students this coming 2022!

To recap, here are just some of the courses that continue to be available for current and future students:

IELTS Masterclass

Facilitated by our IELTS expert, Master Teacher Jonathan, our IELTS Masterclass course thoroughly prepares students for the four portions of the IELTS, a popular standardised assessment that intensively measures one’s English language proficiency for non-native English speakers looking to work, study, or migrate abroad. Through Jonathan’s effective learning activities, discussions, and modules, you will surely get that target band score, or even higher!

Learn more about this sought-after course by checking out this post.

English for Academic Purposes

Perfect for university students who are looking to improve their Academic English skills, the English for Academic Purposes or EAP is an intensive small-group course that focuses on developing the learner’s language skills necessary for academic study in any esteemed university in the UK and any English-speaking country across the world.

This programme is not just open to presently enrolled university students. Apart from university students, Your Language School’s EAP classes are open to registrants who are still planning to apply for a slot at any  university and just wish to have a head start at EAP.

Find out why we are your top choice for EAP classes by reading this post.

One-to-One General English Course

An effective approach for mastery of the English language, our one-to-one instruction allows the student to learn from interacting with a teacher individually, with instruction tailored to the learner’s own strengths, skills, pace, and learning needs. Here, our highly trained and qualified English teachers are able to personalise instruction in order to adjust to the development of the student.

We are the only UK-based English language school offering these personalised General English classes, so if you think this is a programme you will thrive and benefit a lot from, make sure to seize the opportunity by registering now! Click this link to start.

Regular General English Course

Of course, we have regular by-group General English courses, too, which we facilitate per English level. Students who are or have been part of this programme learn with fellow language students whose English competency is, more or less, similar with theirs.

Our General English Courses cover all the necessary language skills, particularly Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. We have a variety of engaging and instructive activities to target these competencies!

Find out more about our different General English Course classes, where you can also proceed with registering, by browsing through this page.

University Recruitment

While this particular service is technically not a course, it is nonetheless one of the most in-demand services we offer at Private English Class, Ltd., together with Your Language School. In particular, we work to ensure that learners from different parts of the world are properly guided in every step of the UK university admission process, from the preliminary consultation to eventual UK university application. 

Our university recruitment services and support are the most ideal complement to our expert-facilitated courses, specifically for international students dreaming to pursue further studies and obtain a degree from any prestigious university in the UK.

Click on this link to learn more about Private English Class and Your Language School’s university recruitment services.

Let’s claim it—2022 is going to be a year of continued learning and growth. 

We at Private English Class and Your Language School cannot wait to once again be a part of your journey as language and skills learners! 

Stay tuned for more exciting things this year, in addition to our popular courses and programmes as enumerated. We hope to have you on board! 

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