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Student finance rules have changed, but you could still receive between £9250 and £25000 a year if you are an EU citizen under the EU settlement scheme.

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How we can help you if you are an EU applicant:

How we can help you if you are an international applicant:

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Private English Class Ltd are proud to offer you the opportunity to study at one of a top UK university. With our official agent status, we can help you free of charge throughout the entire university application process.

Furthermore, we can offer you additional services to support you to get into the university, such as English test preparation, English test registration fee, translation of documents, support with personal statement and support with student finance application.

You can start your three undergraduate course or one-year postgraduate course. If your English needs improvement, you can start with Foundation Year (“Year Zero”) prior to undergraduate course or do the pre-sessional English course before your undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Foundation Year at University

What is it?

Also referred to as “Year Zero”. It is a foundation year of study that allows students to transition smoothly into their undergraduate studies. The classes will be an Introduction to the course/your course at your chosen university, for example, Introduction to Business. You may also receive a £500 bursary/grant in first year or apply for student loans which will cover the cost of £9250 for the year.


A minimum of IELTS band 5.5 (we can assess this for you free of charge). A high school diploma from your native country (please contact us to find our more.

Credits and marking

Your coursework and exams will be marked in the same way as a proper degree course. You will have to pass this Foundation Year to begin studying for your undergraduate degree.


Get comfortable with University life and see if it’s right for you. Students in Foundation Year usually have less culture shock and it’s a great opportunity to meet key people involved in your degree, including lecturers, support staff, fellow students, and potential friends!

Your English language skills will be greatly improved, and you’ll have access to everything you need at the University.

Pre-Sessional English Courses

What is it?

International students who do not meet the English language entry requirements can take a pre-sessional course to develop their language skills before starting an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.


A minimum of IELTS band 4.5 overall (we can assess this for you free of charge). A high school diploma from your native country (please contact us to find our more).


The fee for pre-sessional English courses depends on the duration, but it varies from £500 (2 weeks course) up to £6000 (24 weeks course).

What happens at the end of the pre-sessional course?

Students who reach the required level of English can start their degree. Those who are not successful are offered a short programme of remedial study focussing on the skills they need to improve

Students who reach the required level of English after the remedial course can start their degree.


Pre-sessional English courses are a great opportunity to meet other international students and work together in order to improve your language skills. You could learn more about the culture and traditions of your study destination. Generally smaller class sizes which fosters more contribution and discussion opportunities which will greatly improve your English language skills.

Student Finance Loan for European Applicants

European applicants can apply for Student Finance Loan and receive a three-year Bachelor’s Degrees loan which come in at around £27,000 for fees alone or a one year Postgraduate Degree loan which can get up to £11,000. Maintenance loans and grants are available and are not repayable until you earn over £25,000 before income tax, and then it will be around 9% of the extra earnings over £25,000. See our repayments table for reference below:

Yearly Income before tax Monthly Income before tax Monthly repayment
£25725 £2143 £0
£27000 £2250 £9
£29500 £2458 £28
£31000 £2583 £39
£33000 £2750 £58

DOWNLOAD our detailed PDF report for European applicants, or feel free to contact us for friendly advice and to ask any questions you may have.

Scholarships for International Applicants

As an international student studying in the UK, you’ll be paying tuition fees substantially higher than home students. Fees are determined by the individual university and the course you’re studying, the lowest could be

Scholarships for international students are one of the main sources of funding for students seeking to study abroad. There are absolutely loads of scholarships for international students up for grabs. It’s important to exercise caution as they are seriously competitive and often have very stringent eligibility criteria.

Find below the most reliable and comprehensive databases which compile lots of scholarships:

DOWNLOAD our detailed PDF report for International applicants, or feel free to contact us for friendly advice and to ask any questions you may have

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