Taking Functional Skills Exams? Tips on How to Prepare and Prosper

To recap, the Functional Skills course is a programme that equips learners with skills that are considered fundamental in working and day-to-day living. Unlike in other courses such as those offered in universities where the approach is more formal and scholarly, the Functional Skills course focuses on practical skills, like English and Maths. Thus, the primary objective is for the learner to develop core skills and apply them in real-life situations.

If you are taking a Functional Skills course, then you would already know that you will have to go through practice exams and pass a final exam before you are considered to have successfully completed the course. The final exam is said to be a crucial part of the programme, which is why students need effective ways of maximising exam preparations and performance.

That said, here are a few tips on how to prepare for and prosper in the Functional Skills exams!



1. Allot sufficient hours for studying each week.

As in all kinds of tests and academic activities, it is vital for Functional Skills exam takers to put in the hours each week until exam day. Target hours per week will, of course, vary for every student, given the dissimilarity in the skills, goals, and circumstances of every learner, but what is important is to set a schedule and diligently stick to it.


2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle helps a lot in reducing stress levels and improving brain function, memory, and alertness, which, undeniably, are all essential in preparing and taking the Functional Skills exam. This being so, when you are studying for this important test, do maintain a balanced diet, get enough hours of sleep each day, exercise, and take healthy breaks.


3. Learn with peers.

While there are students who concentrate and perform better when studying alone, there are proven benefits of studying with peers, particularly your course classmates who will be taking the same exam with you or those who have taken the exam previously. These people will be able to give you valuable tips and share with you effective strategies, which may come in handy during exam preparation and test taking proper.


4. Take advantage of supplementary materials.

Your Functional Skills course includes modules and other study materials, but it definitely would not hurt to explore other materials such as newspaper articles, instructional videos, audio lectures, and more. These supplementary materials help students become more engaged and acquire new information, all while learning to apply practical skills gained in the Functional Skills programme.


5. Make the most out of your Functional Skills classes.

Without a doubt, your Functional Skills classes are what will prepare you best for the exam. Thus, every time you attend a class, make sure to listen attentively to your instructor, ask clarificatory questions when anything seems unclear, engage in meaningful classroom discussions, and maximise the course modules and materials provided. Certainly, staying focused and motivated in class will contribute a lot to your success in the exam!


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